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The Baltic RC drift championship of 2019 is starting

A much anticipated season of 2019 is starting! The first stage will take place on 23-rd of February, at VilniusSliders track.
We have two news this seasion!
Firts one: it's a pitty, but we'll be having RWD class only. The AWD participant count dropped to an uncompetative level so we had to stop making competitions for AWD, but that is good news for RWD as it means more practice time for them ;)
And the second one: for these season we are using a more slippery tires from our sponsor DS Racing!


And we change them not only to drop speed on our tracks, but to be used in Latvia and Estonia as well, as we are planning to do some stages there as well ;)

So, drifters, don't miss a chance to get first points ;)

The event as always is free for spectators!

Live results:

Registration to the competition:

Baltic RC drift championship 2019 Stage I

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