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NPO "Little Drifting" - is a collective of like-minded, that promotes radio control models (later on - RC models) hobby - drifting. RC model drift (or simply RC drift) is a 1/10 scale analog of this sport, where we compete with models that technologicaly are very close to their "real" brothers.

RC Drift - it's not only a great fun but also a great hobby for the whole family. We do not just drive, but also improve, construct our chassis, paint, add details to body shells so anyone can find activity, that is close to heart.

Our objectives are:

  • Develop RC drift as a hobby and sport in Lithuania.
  • Engage in educational and informational activities regarding RC drift.
  • To provide the necessary support and conditions for the activity to expand and attract more people.
  • Representation of Lithuania and our club in competitions and the World Cup stages. 


Press about us

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About VilniusSliders

Our location
Šeškinės street. 22, Vilnius

Email: [email protected]