Radio controlled car drift club.
RC drift track in Vilnius
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The main sponsor of our activity and a leader in it's bussines - Autoplius.lt
This amazing team not only helps us with the distribution of information about rc drift, but as well they directly contribute to the activity itself to become well known and have a proper environment.


A shop with possibly the biggest list of products, one of the best prices in the market and an awesome support. They gladly help us with the competitions, prizes, track upgrades and more. The shop You can trust!


Biggest fine scale model shop in Lithuania, that does not forget it's "bigger" brothers and offers them paints and tools, as well as all of their knowledge. Gladly helps us with the competitions

DS Racing

DS Racing

Quality tire (and not only tire) manufacturers from Thailand, whose production is #1 choice in a lot of national championships, as well as World Championship D1-10

Team Tetsujin

Team Tetsujin

Team Tetsujin is a group of wonderful guys from Japan, who are producing Tetsujin Super Rim wheels with changeable offset, bodies, led systems, track accessories and much more with a huge passion. As well - they have an rc drift track in Japan



Carbonated refreshing drink containing B group vitamins, created for physically and mentally active people.

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