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Best February drifters

February has ended and so does the second stage of the rc drift challenge "Months best". Despite the fact, that the layout of the track have not changed, participants still made a lot of mistakes, however more then a few succeded in improving their scores.

This month, the fight for the first spots is very harsh, but we can't tell the same for the rest of the pack, so there is a lot of room for improvement.

And now we have March in front of us with a way harder track, but first, let's announce the best of February ;)


AWD class

For the second month, first place is secured by Karolis Bašinskas, who got 88 points on his best run. At the second place - back after a long break - Vilius Sidaravičius, who got 85 points. Third Eduardas Losis, who showed the most stable laps and got 79 points.

RWD class

Last month pushed from the first place, on February Aurelijus Janulis secured the first place by getting 94 points. Second - Andrius Šmaižys - 93 points. Third - stable in both classes Eduardas Losis - 83 points.

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