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JDM - culture, drift, rc drift

Pažink RC driftą. JDM - kultūra, driftas, rc driftas

Dear friends, we invite You to the first lecture of a lecture course "Pažink RC driftą" - "JDM - kultūra, driftas, rc driftas".

Guests: and TeamBeat

Lecture will take place: February 1th, saturday, 13:00
Place: Maironio progimnazija school, Vilnius, Čiobiškio street. 1
Link of the map
Price: free

Topics of the lecture:

  • JDM - what does it mean
  • What is drift
  • RC drift history
  • RC drift classes
  • RC drift goal

As well, You will be able to ask questions and touch Japanese culture with your own hands.

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RC Drift practice in Vilnius

Treniruotės Vilniuje

From this year february 2nd, rc drift practice takes place every weekend at Vilnius Maironio school (Čiobišio street. 1).
Surface of the track - carpet. Bring clean model cars and use carpet tires, please.

Let's meet at the track!

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Vaikų Šalis 2016 - results

Vaikų Šalis 2016 - vairuotojų susirinkimas

We've closed this years season with a bang! So glad we've had such an amazing activity - 31 registered participant, 28 of them actualy participated.
The fight in both classes was harsh, but as we know - the winner can only be one.

We'd like to thank every one of You who came and congratulate the winners:

AWD class

  1. Aurelijus Janulis
  2. Valdemar Ruris
  3. Vincas Zaleckis

RWD class

  1. Andree Little
  2. Zigmars Eigmins
  3. Mantas Litvaitis
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Lithuanian RC Drift Championship, stage "Vaikų šalis 2016"

RC Drift etapas Vaikų šalis 2016

We invite You all (kids, teenagers, adults) to the exhibition "Vaikų Šalis 2016" to take part, or learn more about RC drift competitions and the hobby itself.

You will be able to see battles of the best drivers from Baltic States and abroad and during the break - You will have a chance to have a look at the professional chassis from up close.

More information and registration can be found on forum:

Live competition results will be available here:

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Our visit to King Of Europe

King Of Europe trasa

VilniusSliders aplankė paskutinį King Of Europe drifto etapą Slovakijoje, kurio metu vyko ir paskutinės King Of Drift RC series varžybos.

Organizatoriai pateikė ne vieną staigmeną - trasos dangą paskutinėmis dienomis buvo pakeista iš kilimo į betoną, padangos liko tos pačios - kilimui pritaikytos DS Racing ir daug kitų smulkmenų. Bet tai padarė varžybas dar įdomesnėmis, juolab, kad dalyvių lygis čia labai aukštas.

Kiek nepasisekė finalai, bet kartu su kolegomis Latviais pasiekėme TOP4, na, o finale, kaip ir TOP8 kovose buvo keistų teisėjų sprendimų, tačiau rezultatai džiuginantys, Latviai užėmė antrą ir ketvirtą vietas, na, o VilniusSliders - trečią.

Laisvu laiku nepraleidome progos aplankyti King Of Europe techninės zonos, stebėjome treniruotes, bei finalus.

King Of Europe pilotai

King Of Europe dalyvių automobiliai

King Of Europe RC series podiumas

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VilniusSliders website launch

At last!

At last we have found time for such a small thing as our website.
Yes, it's still not finished and most of the information is missing, but for those, who need the most recent updates regarding competitions or their results - the site is up for that.

And this is just the beginning. We'll keep on working to bring RC drift in Lithuania to another level ;)

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