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Seasson opening - Panorama Cup 2017

We've opened the seasson with a bang! Last weekend we have hosted "Panorama Cup 2017" competition, that attracted participants from Lithuania and Latvia.

For the first time RWD participant quantity overtook AWD and we hope, that this tendency will keep for the rest of the year, as the fight in RWD class was amazing and required more then one "one more time".

We'd like to thank our judges, that worked hard: time attack and simulator race specialist - Tauras Tunyla (Tauras Racing), and Martynui Karveliui, that after quitting rc drift - kept his distance close to it.
As well, a big Thank YOU goes to our sponsors, that made this competition even more exciting:, RcMart,, Simuliatorių Akademija, PC Panorama.

And now, let's get to the results :)


AWD class

  1. Rytis Mažylis
  2. Aurelijus Janulis
  3. Valdemar Ruris
  4. Roman Ryabov

RWD class

  1. Zigmars Eigmins
  2. Martins Zarins
  3. Andree Little
  4. Mantas Litvaitis

Congratulations to the winners!
Other results can be found here:
Discussion in the forum:

And now we invite You to take a look at some beautiful pictures, that our friend photographer Elvis Januškevičius took.
P.S. A full album can be seen in our Facebook page:

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