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What is RC drift and what do we do? A short introduction video

Often enought we get a question - what are those toys that kids and even grownups play? And the the long tail starts, when you try to explaint, that this is a hobby and we do much more, then just drive and chat - we tune, we build.. oh, and the trips abroad..

Get to know rc drift and us with the help of this short introduction video


Na, o daug daugiau Jums parodyti ir papasakoti galime gyvai, tereikia užsukti į mūsų trasą Vilniuje, Panerių g. 49. Kiekvieną antradienį, ketvirtadienį ir šeštadienį

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Panerių street 49, 2-nd floor, Vilnius

Track phone no.: +370 671 25 984
Contact phone: +370 615 14 333, +370 612 31 323

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